Grammy Weekend Post 2014

Where do I begin?! This year I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 56TH Grammy Awards (all while being healthy this time!) Last year I was so incredibly sick, that it put a bit of a dark cloud over the whole experience.

This year, the trip had a mission,..and it was to leave feeling that it was a productive trip.

Day One:

Landed in LA and as soon as we got the rental car, we were off to get the Grammy tickets. We were fortunate enough to get red carpet access again. Shortly after, we went back to the hotel and my father noticed that Clive Davis was doing interviews in the hotel lobby. So we stayed there a bit but we had no such luck meeting him. We spent the rest of the time walking around the hotel and planning out the rest of our days there.

Day Two:
Day two was much more productive. We went to Santa Monica pier and walked around. Thought I could finally be on a boardwalk that wasn’t in construction or anything like they are here in NJ (because of Super Storm Sandy), but alas they were working on their pier as well. We walked around some shops hoping to find some flip flops because all I had packed were heels and a pair of boots. Every store was so high end that they either didn’t have flip flops… or they were more than $20. Not a crucial part of the story,…but I felt it should be told that I finally found good ol’ Old Navy and got two pairs of flip flops for $5.

We arrived back at the hotel and we stopped at the front desk to see if my CD drives had arrived, and who was in front of us? Paul Shaffer. He was checking in with his daughter, and we found out that he knew one of my producers! We handed him a CD drive, and talked about what kind of artist I am. IMG_3814

We went back into our room and filled up the new drives with the Enjoy The Ride EP and the new release song ‘Big Girl Now’. We decided to roam the hotel a little because it was getting closer to when the stars were arriving. We walked up to the lobby area, and who was just sitting there doing interviews? Clive Davis. The whole plan of the next few hours changed. We sat down the hallway, just waiting if he was going to walk by. My father wasn’t chancing it and got a little closer. After several minutes, Clive’s son came over to ask what my dad was reading, and it was Clive’s book.. and he said not to be shy and just wait till he was free and walk on over. We walked over shortly after and talked to Clive and he signed my father’s book, and I got a picture with him.

IMG_3823 IMG_3831 (1)

He was so nice! I love our picture together 🙂

Later we had a meeting with BMI VP Charlie, it had been at least two years since I’d seen him. We talked about where my music is headed, and what steps to take next.

That night we attended the BET Music Matters showcase, and there was some unbelievable talent there. Met up with Salaam Remi and handed him my CD drive as well.

Day Three:

Are you still with me? Day three will be short 🙂 This was January 25th, and it was the day of the Clive Davis party! We just really hung around the hotel to see what stars were arriving. Missed Taylor Swift by seconds, but we won’t talk about that. Ian Axel, ya know that song “Say something I’m giving up on you”? I met him, he was SO nice and just so happy. He was wonderful and took one of my cd drives.

Day Four!!! Grammy Day!!!

We arrived at the Grammy’s at around 2pm…Walked the red carpet, and went straight to the pre – telecast. I believe that’s something you can watch online,..but this is where 90% of the awards are handed out. It was so fun to see these artists that work SO hard and are SO grateful for their Grammy, let alone their nominations, get up and accept their award.

The live Grammys were wonderful, that’s an obvious statement. Got to see a lot of legends in one night, and that’s pretty incredible. Taylor Swift, I cried during her performance (I normally can get through that song without tears- but it’s different when it’s at the Grammys) and it’s always cool being the only girl in your row crying, as I was seated around older men just watching her perform.

This year we decided to skip the after party, and we went straight to a wonderful organic pizza place right outside the staples center. In my opinion, it was so much better than the after party experience.

I know I left a lot out, but! I took lot’s of videos during my time out there and I know atleast one vlog is up at the moment of day one in LA 🙂

You’re a warrior if you’ve read this far! Thank you!

Closing out 2013

I did a lot of performing the last couple of months of 2013, more than I ever expected to, especially with my guitar. I’m thankful for those who have tried to make it to those shows, or those who have texted or wrote on my facebook page saying good luck, it means the world to me. I’m really happy I was able to close out 2013 by singing in it’s last hour and starting 2014 hopefully with a really great month. The video below is the performance from New Year’s Eve, singing “Go light your world” by Kathy Troccoli.

Earlier in the month I was able to perform my song “Fool’s Game” at The Stone Pony! The concert was put on by The Music Academy. All proceeds went to Ocean of Love to benefit children with cancer.